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Anyone have pics of Twins?

Apr 20, 2006
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hey i just found this site, first post, and i was wondering if anyone had anypics of twin brothers? they really get me hot. thanks!
You should be able to find pictures of Bruce and Seth Hall if you do a web search. They were photographed by Steven Underhill for a book called Twins. Also, there are the Brewer twins and the Carlson twins; I believe both sets were photographed by Bruce Weber. But my favorite are the Hall twins.

Note that all of these photos are homoerotic; none is explicitly sexual.
The Banana Club images from Image Event was sooooooo hot, thanks for the link
wait the brewer twins are anti-gay? the ones that are laying in bes together naked?
Just a wierd question... it's hot to look at, but could you do that to your brother? LOL.....
yeah...the reason i said that was responding to a statement in a recent magazine...can't remember which one, but they stated that they wanted to shed their gay image and not aspire to the gay community. I was shocked but thats what they said. They're still hot!
i wonder if they know that they will also be "shedding" their main source of income:confused: :confused: LOL