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Blatent homophobia in MMORPGs


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Feb 1, 2005
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Long Island
I know i'm securing my place in the dork hall of fame but...

I've been playing MMORPGs since I've been about fourteen (nearly five years ago) starting with Everquest, and moving onto Dark Ages of Camelot, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft (Not all at once ;) ). Within these years, I'd always read/hear people type/say something is "so gay" or that someone in particular was a fag. It would bother me, but I'd just shrug it off at that the people I was playing with were just the uneducated thirteen year olds and that they'd learn as they grew up. I really regret not taking a stand about it back then and correcting what was said.

I still play these games today, and now in the game I currently play (World of Warcraft) people are able to use microphones to talk to each other with programs called Ventrilo or Teamspeak. When listening to these people (mostly men, and not once have I encountered a woman through here that was homophobic) they would constantly use gay as an insult, and when they'd get frustrated at other players they were fighting, those other players would instantly be called fags. I'm out to almost everyone I know, but with the exception of my guild (a group of people that are in contact with each other all the time when logged into the game, who help each other out) who I know most of in real life anyway, and the people I would randomly talk to while drunk, I'm unable to come out them. It feels really demoralizing, I feel like I didn't have a voice and now I stop talking to them and only use the text to communicate while listening in.

I'm unable to use the excuse that "Oh, they're just young kids and they'll learn" anymore, because I've heard these people and they're not all little kids. A majority of them are adults.

Has anyone else had a simlar experience? I wonder if there are any specific causes as to why this genre is so bad.
Online/Video Game nerds are notorious for low-self-esteem. In the real world, they're ridiculed and looked down upon. In the fantasy world, they actually have some power.

Homophobia is just a way of degrading a "lower" class they believe to be even lower than them. Better to be nerd than a fag in their eyes.

These are just very insecure little boys who probably get hives if a girl talks to them. :badgrin:
Get a reality check. People say gay as an insult in real-life too.
No shit.

I'm seeing if other people have had the same things happen to them, and if they want to talk about their experiences.

But please, if you feel the need to flame, by all means.
I consider it more as a derogatory defamation of one's character rather than a homophobic response. Based on my experience, if you listen to these people on a regular basis, you come to find out that they aren't even using "gay" or "fag" to comment on one's sexuality. They, generally, aren't even considering the sexuality of the victim, rather they are just harshly using the term without any sexual undertones.
Yeah of course, but thats the whole point. Its still rude.
I play mmorpgs all the time, and I agree it really angers me how the use gay as an insult, and on every occasion i challenge them. If they are not specifically told its not rite to be used as an insult they will keep doing it. I have never felt i should hide my sexuality nor do i broadcast it, but if you ever hope to change the world you should stand up, espicially on wow cos if they start mouthing off iu can get them banned ^_^
i played eq1, eq2, DAoC, WoW, shadowbane, and now DDO

of all of them i got saw a lot in eq and eq2 DAoC not so much and Wow they are actually pretty good cause they have strict policies so you can just report people outright. DDO nothing so far but i have only been in beta for 6 days now

also in eq1 most would stop bugging me if they found out i was gay

oh anohter thing wow did reject a homosexual guild due to the fact that they techically do not alow discussions or titles based on sexual orientation.
I used to play an MMORPG (Holy shit, those things are addicting) for three months and yes, the usage of "That is so gay or that guy is such a fag!" was rampant. I think you can attribute the usage of the terminology to the competitive nature of video games for guys of any age. On MMORPG's it becomes a game of "who has the bigger E-PENIS" (E-Penis = your character in game who represents your electronic penis. It does so by having to be the biggest, strongest, or have the nicest items). You challenge their E-Penis/sexuality by saying "That guy is such a fag."

Unknowingly or knowingly, I think most guys (gay or not) use the term too when playing competitive video games. It's like programmed in our minds for some unknown reason. (You can see this behavior in a frat involving anything competitive, but moreso when it is with videogames (Halo-2). It's really strange!)
well since i am in a german raid, i didn't get to hear it very often. usually just as a comment about some guys behaving "girly" with their characters, in jokingly way.
one time some guy was having a go at another player he couldn't stand in raid chat, and said something about that guy being "so gay", and i wrote something along the lines, "well i'm gay, but i'm quite sure this guy isn't so unless you don't know better, i'd disagree". i never heard "gay" used as an insult anymore ;)
Thats bad, but there is another source of homophobia in all RPG's.

Right now, in all but 1 RPG I've played, you only have the option to persue a hetrosexual relationship/love interest.

With the exception of Fable, I haven't seen the option to be gay....Even then, when you "sleep" with your partner, the sound effects/noises tend to be a tad bit "foolish".
In Final Fantasy XI, there's no option for same-sex marriage, but it's a role-playing game and I don't let it stop me. All of my friends in the game know I'm gay and -- by extension -- that my character is gay. That's why I always make a fuss over those elvaan boys. They have the best abs in the game.
I'm not out to anyone including my lesbian friend Julie and she uses the word gay as an insult all the time (if we don't feel like going to do what she wants she'll say "You're so gay") has sort of come to mean stupid or lame...dunno what to think about it but it doesn't really bother me...
I've played games online and a couple times people have found out I'm gay so when they got all mean I just beat the shit out of them and rub the fact they just got beat by a fag in their face. Trust me it works.
As a guild elder (no 2 in guild), I've often encoutered issues of derogatory/hurtful comments of people being called gay to insult someone. I often have to warn younger members of inappropriate behavior and language and tell them how hurtful they really are to those that are gay. If the problem continues, I boot them out with no questions asked by other guild members. No one in our guild tolerates that kind of behavior.