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Describe guys who have rejected you.


On the Prowl
May 5, 2006
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No names or pictures, just describe the guy and tell what happened. Here are four stories to start things off.

When I was in college, I had the hots for a guy who was in a few of my classes. I got to know him a little bit, but I made the mistake of letting him know what I really wanted. He almost beat me up, in fact he came within seconds of landing a blow to my face. But something stopped him, his conscience I guess, and I just walked away. He and I never spoke to each other again, but since it was such a small college I frequently saw him on the campus, and even had one class in common with him later. I once saw him blatantly and openly rubbing a guy's ass right in front of a whole group of guys. In the class I had with him, one day at the end of class I clearly heard him whispering to another guy, "Hey... Tom... would you suck my weenie? I know you can do it good." Those were his exact words. That Halloween he had a party in his apartment, and I went to it in costume and with makeup on my face, and he never knew I was there at his apartment. Years later I heard that he had gotten married. I wonder how that worked out for him.

A muscleman that I knew for a while, who was openly gay and Italian/Jewish, very solidly muscled, and very intellectual. A very beautiful, dark, muscular body and a big dick. He could have been in gay porn easily, in fact one of his former boyfriends was in gay porn, even though he was not nearly as attractive but he had a gigantic cock. The guy I knew was much hotter but as far as I know he never did porn. I wanted him badly and he did allow me to suck him off one time. But he refused to let me be his boyfriend and after a while told me he was no longer interested in me for any reason, and told me to leave him alone. He has since gone on to write two books about love. I read one of them and it was filled with spelling errors, I'm surprised it got into print with so many typos. I never bothered to read his second book. I found out he has a blog, which mainly describes the cabin he is building with his lover He had a stroke, I think probably from taking steroids, so he paid a price for that beautiful muscular body. His face is lopsided now from the stroke, and he has lost a lot of his muscle and has gained a little flab around the waist. I'm glad I had him when he was at his prime.

I have been friends with a straight white male guy for about 15 years now, and for the first 5 years I used to touch him a lot, just a casual arm around the shoulders or a very occasional neck massage. Nothing heavy, just light, brief contact. He never complained but he never responded either, and never initiated any. The only time he ever did that to me was when I got about 100 hooks from a "jumping cholla" cactus in my arm, and someone was yanking them out one by one, and I was in agony. He stood behind me and massaged my neck and back in a very warm, affectionate way, to take my mind off the pain in my arm. Other than that he was very cold physically to me. One time in 1996 we were around a campfire with a bunch of other people and most of us were drinking (though not me). He was fairly drunk and I sat next to him and put my arm all the way around his shoulders. He said, "Don't put your hands on me too much. SHE can, but YOU can't." And he pointed to some girl on the other side of the campfire, who I don't think he even knew. I just said, "Sorry" and I walked away. Ever since that moment, I have never touched him, even once. If he has held out his hand to shake hands, I pretend like I don't even notice it. I am still friends with him, but in a distant way. He and I have a mutual friend who is bisexual, but the straight guy doesn't know that, he thinks the bi guy is straight because he has been married twice with two sons. We have written letters to each other over the years because all 3 of us now live hundreds of miles apart. In one of his letters to the straight guy, the bi guy wrote: "Even if you are gay, I'll still be your friend." The straight guy wrote back to him soon, and the bi guy copied what he wrote in his next letter to me. The straight guy wrote: "Let me set the record straight once and for all." (He underlined the word "straight.") "I am not a dick sucking, butt fucking, hairy bun groping, sperm burping, cock breath blowers cramp, skin flute playing, hairy bag pipe blowing, fucking faggot! Comprende you fucking wetback? Let's move on pal." So, after that, we decided, if he says he is straight, then he is straight. Okey dokey pal. I wrote to the bi guy, saying that if all 3 of us were ever together again, and the straight guy put his arm around me or did anything, I would say to him, "Don't put your hands on me. HE can, but YOU can't." And I would point to the bi guy. He wrote back and said, "That's fine, I'd love to see that."

I knew a guy from Iran for a couple of years, and I admit I made friends with him because of his exotic Middle-eastern beauty and sexiness. I am certain that he is bisexual though he would not admit directly. He did tell me once that he was "confused" and was discussing Freddie Mercury, who was part Iranian and was bisexual and was rejected by his parents because of it. I definitely had the hots for him and wanted to get into his pants in a big way. He became friends with me and would hang out at my house, but nothing happened, mainly due to his homophobia. He always insisted that he had sex with "girls only." He often said, "I am not fucking kooni." (Kooni was a slang term in Farsi for "faggot.") Yet he also told me once that he used to fuck boys in Iran, when there were no girls around. Three days later he took that back, and said it never happened. Once he came over to my house just as I had gotten out of the shower and I had a towel around me. I invited him to come back to my bedroom, and he did and while he was sitting there, his eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets in anticipation that he was going to see me nude. But I didn't let him. I went into the bathroom to put some pants on. He was still eyeing me all over my chest before I put my shirt on. I have no doubt that he desires guys as well as girls. In fact, there was another guy in my neighborhood that he wanted very much, in fact almost fell in love with, but the guy was straight. Later that guy told me that the Iranian guy used to pat him on the butt all the time and one time tried to kiss him on the mouth. (Iranian men kiss each other all the time as a greeting, but on the cheek only. It's their custom. They don't kiss each other on the lips.) I just knew that he had the hots for the straight guy in my neighborhood, who was very attractive and younger than me, but not interested in guys at all. Nothing ever happened between them as far as I know. The Iranian guy knew I wanted him, and he played off that and got a lot of favors from me. One time he was desperate for money to pay his credit card bills or else his credit would be damaged. He offered to let me suck his dick if I would loan him $400. I refused, but he said I could suck his dick any time I wanted after that, if I would just loan him the $400. I knew I would never get the $400 back so I refused. But I said, "Let me see your dick first, so I can see what I'm getting." He wouldn't let me see it. That told me that he wasn't serious about letting me suck it. I told him, "I'll suck your dick every day for 2 hours if you want, and you can come in my mouth every time." He stood up and it was obvious that he had a hard-on in his pants, but he still refused to open his pants at all. In fact he never let me see him all the way naked, the closest I got was seeing him in his underwear once, and I could tell that he had a big package even when soft. Finally I got sick of his stupid games and I ended the whole friendship. He didn't want it to end, and still kept calling me for a long time, and for all I know he will still probably call me again someday. But I'm not going to put up with idiotic games like that any more. Either put out or get out, is the rule of my bedroom now.

The guys in the last 2 scenarios sounded like they were in denial. Especially your "straight" friend. He probably said all those crazy things to try and convince himself that he doesn't like the male body but in actually he does.
I describe them as JUST PLAIN STUPID.
Erm, Conorm, Inwood, NamesTaken - just about every Jubber you'll meet.
Although, i did get chatted up by some 'Gimp' thing - desgusting creatures - keep em in their box till they suffocate i say.
Thanks for putting a lot of effort into telling us about the rejections you went through. It didn't sound easy from your point of view but you got through it. It seems as if some of them have more worrying problems than yourself. I've never been rejected cos I haven't put myself into that position yet.

How about describing the guys who did accept you? :D
Would you like a list? I can't pick out one specific story.
OH, alright.

I was with my first boyfriend for three years.

Two were great, one was horrible.

We were very young and that we stayed together that long is amazing.

But he started hanging out with a bunch of bar flies who just wanted to spend their time at bath houses and he was jealous of their life styles... so he told me I was fat and ugly and dumped me.

Last time I saw him, he was wearing dirty jeans and smelling like stale smoke. He was a little drunk at 3 in the afternoon and was with a girl who was wearing white track pants with dirty knees.. they were pushing a baby carriage and she had one of those bad Rat-perms.

Oh well
i havent asked anyone yet so i havent been rejected but as soon as i have one ill post it :cry:

i almost asked out a guy a couple of years ago but i was very much in the closet but i would have asked if i knew he was gay 4sure if it was now i would just ask;)
Let's see, there have been the few who weren't... compatible (dang heteros) but I never got too far enough into them to cause me any disappear when I finally realized the impossibility of the relationship.

The one guy who rejected me: I like him for a while, went to school with him, we became friends, and I stopped holding back and told him what I felt, he sorta shrugged it off. This destroyed me at the time, but now we're good buds, so I guess it was for the best.

The next guy I tried at... I’m still with. I'll have a story to share if that ends though.
I'm just copy-pasting my stories from this thread:

First one was back 1½ ago. I was on an international youth-meeting. I totally fall for this hot guy from Ireland. It was only a 7 or 8 day conference, but I did manage to get a huge crush. He was my age, but acted alot maturer(which I LOVE). But I didn't want to mess it up, so I just decided to leave an anonymous note, stating that he was hot as hell. Later that year, we talked on the phone(we became quite good friends) and I admitted it was me who sent it. During the rest of the conversation, he seemed ok about it, but after that I've only spoken to him once on the phone very briefly, and only some few very impersonal e-mails.

The second case was a "senior high" teacher. I didn't hit me until the last weeks of my second-to-last year and then the whole of my graduating year. During the realy weeks of my last year, I went on a school-arranged trip with this teacher and another teacher and about 10 other students. This is where I totally slipped and developed a huge crush. I accidentally(honest) even saw him buck naked in a sauna during that weekend, and I was fighting to keep my hardon away. For the rest of that fall, I was struggling to pay attention during his classes(but I eventually got some of my best grades in his class) and I knew this was going to end badly. In the end, we had a student-teacher dinner, and some after-partying(he was a good party-animal) and just before he left the club I told him. He said he might have had an idea, but he was okay with it. But also that he was straight and living with someone already.

Third case happened after I started studying at university. I took me some weeks, but one evening, during a party(we have LOTS of those) I was sitting outside with this cool guy that I'd only spoke too once or twice. We talked about very random innocent stuff, and I grew to liking him. Some times later some of my fellow economicsstudents(24 people all on all?) and me went on a long weekendtrip abroad, and this guy was arranging it. When we arrived, I found out that he set it up so that I was to share a room with HIM. I was delighted, since I thought "This HAS to be a sign". Well nothing happened, except we became better friends, and I fell more in love with his behaviour and antics.
Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, I tell him. He says he "doesn't swing that way". I'm not surprised, since that usually is my luck.
And then this wednesday, again at a party, I go to the mensroom, and he's there and we start talking. We keep talking for like a full hour, only pausing the important stuff when some random guys enter. I find out a lot about him, and we conclude that we're both very much alike. Fun-loving, easy-going and caring. He tells me about two girls he's had a crush on, and how he tried dating one of them about 6 months ago, but it was left on the "let's just be friends" stage. I saw in his eyes how crushed he was, and I wanted to give him a friendly hug, but decided against it. Then we got to talking about me, and he said he was flattered, but "sorry".
After the party, we stay outside the location, and talk for more then an hour, again.

In the end, the last guy has been the best experience, because I don't see it as loosing a guy, but as gaining a good friendship and alot of experience.
I describe them as shallow, they weren't looking for guys like me, they were looking for porn stars or twinks.
If you haven't been rejected then you haven't taken enough chances.

I've been rejected plenty of times. Let's see, taking one at random ...

In my early 20s when I was in town Studio 54 was my hangout. There was a guy (I don't remember his name, which is amazing because at the time I thought I'd die longing for him), a tall and obscenely good looking model who posed and preened at Studio regularly. The trials and tribulations of my efforts could fill pages but long story short, no matter what I did I couldn't get him. I barely even knew him, we'd have short conversations at the club but except for once he wouldn't even dance with me (and I was a fucking great dancer!). Then his life and mine went in different directions and I stopped seeing him at Studio, or even through modeling, and eventually barely thought about him. Then a few years later I saw him pictured in Playgirl. I was kind of thrilled because at least I got to see him naked, but I knew him well enough to know a Playgirl spread meant work and money were tight. Then a few years after that I read his obit -- he'd become drug addicted, HIV+ and died in poverty.

But back at Studio 54, he sure was pretty.
I have flat-out quit trying to figure out things like that and why it happens. I have been rejected by guys that I thought frankly were a step or two or three down, and I've been with guys that were clearly several notches above me and for whatever reason saw something in me they liked. About three years ago, I met this guy who was a gorgeous Latin guy, swimmer's body, handsome face, nice dick, maybe 30 at most. Could have been a model easily. I was about 40 and his lesser physically in every way. Even my dick was a little smaller. And so of course I fucked him. Hard. Go figure.

I've always liked the cap-wearing preppy jock type, but for some reason, I've never, ever been able to land one of those. They always turn me down.

One time about 5 years ago, I met a bald, stocky guy after he messaged me repeatedly online. He was sort of hot. He played with my nipples for about 5 minutes and said I wasn't his type and abruptly left. I see him time to time at the Y. He's now about 40 to 50 pounds heavier and has left stocky and has become outright fat. You just never know.