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Ear fetish


Jul 30, 2006
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I have an ear fetish. I love looking at other guys' ears. The bigger and more protruding they are the better. I like to play with them as well and have mine played with rough and soft. My ears don't really protrude, but they are quite big. I fantasize about having guyd play with my ears and making them bigger and more protruding. So any other guys have an ear fetish?

Good God, No! Is that fantasy material the best you could find?
I take it "Stick it in your ear" has special meaning to you? :D
I like to lick a guy's ear. Tenderly, tenderly, tenderly. I sometimes orgasm only lcking a guy's ear or head.
I believe my ears (actually all guys' ears) are good handles for blowjobs etc. I would love to be a guy's ear slave.

I don't necessarily consider it a fetish (it's not that kinky), but I do find guys with protruding ears quite attractive, if the rest of the face is nice as well. I also love to nibble on a guy's ear and find that they like it too!
I Think Guys with big ears are so cute!! i wouldnt call it a fetish, but i definatley love it! lol
Seems like quite a few guys like big ears. Does it have something to do with the myth that a guy with big ears have big balls or dick?

I usually think that guys with larger ears are very cute, but my particular ear 'fetish' is guys wearing earrings.

I don't know why, but I've always found a guy with earrings just incredibly sexy.
You should merge all the threads...


i like playing and licking ears, but my fetish are pierced ears. i like to play with the jewlery in the ear or if he does not wear anything just to discover the spot where it was.
Is this crazy?
i also like to bite/lick the earlobe, but the most interesting thing is to play with a toy, that is attached to the ear :)

does anyone else prefer a decorated ear to play with?
I like nibbling, licking and light sucking on a guys ear/earlobe. But to have it done to me is just straight ticklish, but when I can withstand it, it drives me insane just as much as kissing and getting my neck sucked/kissed.