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Harvey Feirstein: What the gay community does best


On the Prowl
Mar 19, 2005
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Totally agree with Harvey..To much gay on gay bashing ..And in total aagreement with his last statement...
He is a true voice for the gay community.There should be more like him that have the balls to speak up(y)
Harvey inspires us to be proud, and is probably one of the most energetic supporting force in the gay movement we have today. I love and respect him very much.
I was just looking over my youtube vids and once again saw my vid on gay violence and it made me sooooo angry. Why? because of the last shot of the video.

It makes me angry that we have to put up with that kind of punishment and we do not do enough to change it. We must fight as a community and ask ourselfs " Where is are Anger"