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I came out today to my Grandpa


Oct 15, 2005
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Kind of.. Lol. I told him I was a Democrat... lol :-$ lol

He got MAD! lol. Asking me if I supported gay marriage and all that, and abortions, i was like "YES".

Anyway.. thats all.. lol
I did something similar a while back. He's know I was gay for a few years, but but telling him I was a Monarchist with Socialist leanings was too much for him to handle. Soon after he had heart surgery. Oops.
that all sounds so strange to me, living in the "land of the democrats"... :)
Well, good for you!

Thankfully in my family, even the "old timers" are proud left-wingers, so politically I'm okay...
Hey, to that generation, politics had a bigger impact than sexual matters!

How sweet to even want to tell you G,Pa about you...I do hope you have a warm relationship with him, for as a family, it's important!

I think you'd be surprised at the warm reception you would have from him by coming out!

Here's to best wishes for the actual story in the near future!(*8*):kiss:
Joshua_me said:

I'd be a Republican, but I can't afford it.


That's funny lol
I think I made a mistake though he was trying to convert me all of Sunday. I went to his Republican GOP party last year... It scared me. I felt so alone and scared... like a turtle... or something... on a highway...or.... whatever.....i dont' know
If you really want to make him blow his top, try telling him you're a Libertarian. Then start pulling "but how does that lead to smaller government" lines on him any time he suggest gay marriage should be banned or stuff like that.
Next, tell him you're gay. It will make being a Democrat mild in comparison. ha ha
Don't worry, Jake, you can still be a good person. ;)


Congratulations - a man of courage. And you had every reason to feel scared at the GOP party; they are unsafe.
congrats jake. i'm proud of you. it's acceptable to be that way around here but it can't be easy for you guys in the midwest and south...we're here for you!