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coco2006 said:
I guess you'll love "Silent Hill"..... great game, great story, great director (Christophe Gans... a french again.... no more good directors in Hollywood ? ;) ) and a lot of nice zombies....

OMG! I'm completely psyched for Silent Hill. The monsters look accurate and fucking creepy and Pyramid Head is going to be in it! It might not be good, but the visuals will be fan-fucking-tastic.
i am a huge zombie movie fan. and my favorite zombie book is World War Z
some of my favorites


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Zombies fucking rule. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a fucking idiot.

That is all.
Zombies blow (especially if they're gay and they think you're hot)! Anyone that thinks different is fucking an idiot.

Anyone else a total dork for zombie movies? I don't know how it happened because I used to be such a scaredy cat as a kid, but I just love zombie movies! The gruesome horrible ones and the silly goofy ones. Zombie movies kick ass! Anyone else feel the same?

i love you for starting this thread.